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Top selling!! Main Advantages of UV Ink and Curing

12. 17, 2017

Using ultraviolet light for curing flexo printing inks offers many advantages and has since it was first developed in the late 1980s become widely adopted particularly in the narrow web label printing industry.

The numerous advantages offered by UV flexo inks and curing systems have allowed printers to improve print quality, increase productivity and provide a safer environment in the pressroom. This has resulted in a broad adoption of the technology. Colour accuracy and process improvement has helped flexo printers to produce better, faster and cheaper output than was previously possible.

the main advantage of UV flexo inks when comparing them to solvent-based flexo or gravure inks, is that they do not contain VOCs or solvents. Using VOC-free inks means printers don't have to invest in flameproof equipment, solvent extraction, incineration or recycling equipment, offering a clear capital investment advantage.